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Jan 23, 2023

HOW TOCooking with Binchotan: A Secret Component to Delicious and Healthy Grilling

Binchotan charcoal is the new black for over-the-fire cooking. It burns hotter, cleaner and longer than any other charcoal, adding incredible flavor to grilled food, and enhanced potential to your culinary repertoire.

Jan 23, 2023

Binchotan as the world’s highest-grade charcoal

Binchotan charcoal has a reputation as the highest grade of activated grilling charcoal available worldwide. Also known as white charcoal, binchotan was originally made from ubame oak trees found in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture. Aside from cooking, in Japan it is also used in tea ceremonies and cleaning.

Incredibly, binchotan is fired at 1,000°C (1,832°F) for up to two weeks. When the coals are white hot, they’re smothered in ash, earth and sand to carbonize. The resulting product is exceptionally dense and burns up to four times longer than conventional charcoal.

This marvelous product is also chemical free, odorless and almost completely smokeless. These factors and more make it the perfect companion for any grill master. Certainly, authentic binchotan charcoal fetches a higher price than conventional options. Some consumers may wonder if it’s really worth it, and what makes it special. 

Unleash the full potential of binchotan in the kitchen

Binchotan is a game changer for any grilling experience. Authentic binchotan burns at temperatures of 530–870°C (1000–1,600°F). This high temperature is perfect for professional preparation of meat, fish or even vegetables. Binchotan is a natural Japanese product that supports Japanese traditional industry and allows you to command a new level of confidence on the grill.

We’ve all had ash come in contact with our food when grilling, and this can potentially be unhealthy without the proper precautions. Because binchotan charcoal burns cleanly and produces minimal ash, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted flavors or debris making their way into your food. As it produces less carbon monoxide and pollutants than other cooking charcoal, it’s also much safer for grilling in the kitchen or indoors.

Binchotan charcoal is perfect for Japanese cuisine like yakitori, and modern culinary preparation of Wagyu beef or kurobuta pork. High temperature searing with binchotan provides exceptional results and new heights in Maillard reaction potential. For exceptional flavor and unparalleled grilling possibilities, look no further than binchotan charcoal.

Pure and clean – elevating your day-to-day

Binchotan goes beyond the grill – the carbonized pieces of black magic have many useful applications in any kitchen or household. Activated charcoal controlling odors isn’t a secret, and binchotan excels at naturally absorbing and eliminating unwanted smells. Leaving a chunk in your fridge looks cool and eliminates odors, keeping your produce fresh, clean and undisturbed.

The odorless binchotan also excels as a water purifier. The culinary applications of binchotan-filtered water are endless. Some sushi chefs choose to cook their sushi rice with binchotan-filtered water, claiming the resulting product is endlessly cleaner and richer. 

Binchotan provides chefs and consumers with versatile and eco-friendly solutions for grilling and daily use applications. Whether you’re interested in purifying your cooking space and supplies, or cooking an upper-echelon BBQ feast, give binchotan charcoal a try! You’ll be surprised by the amazing flavors it adds to meals, and the positive impact it has on your health and the environment.