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Jan 21, 2023

HOW TOWhy Health-Conscious Japanese Drink Authentic Honkaku Shochu

A traditional Japanese spirit, shochu not only plays a special role in rituals and celebrations but also contains numerous health benefits. In moderate amounts, authentic honkaku shochu can be considered a healthier alternative to other alcohols and spirits!

Jan 21, 2023

Two types of shochu: which is which?

Shochu can be divided into two types: type ko (ko-rui) and type otsu (otsu-rui) depending on the distillation method.

Type ko uses a relatively new distillation method and has a clean and refreshing taste. Type ko is usually used as a base for mixed drinks like lemon sour, which consists of lemon juice, soda water and shochu, or oolong hai, which is simply a mix of shochu and oolong tea.

Type otsu, on the other hand, is traditional shochu and is almost synonymous with authentic honkaku shochu. Considered to be healthier than type ko shochu, it’s distilled with a single still and retains the aromas of the ingredients used while brewing, often characterized by the strong flavors. Oftentimes, type otsu shochu is enjoyed on the rocks or straight.

But wait, what exactly is authentic honkaku shochu then? Authentic honkaku shochu is a type otsu shochu. To be precise, it’s a shochu that is distilled with a single still, is made from four ingredients: grains (such as rice and barley), potatoes, sake lees (a byproduct of sake production), brown sugar or 49 other ingredients specified by the Commissioner of the National Tax Administration agency and has no additional additives other than water.

What are the effects of authentic honkaku shochu?

These days, there are many health-friendly alcoholic beverages on that market that claim to be “zero purines” and “low sugar content,” but if you want to drink good quality and unaltered alcohol, we recommend drinking authentic honkaku shochu instead.

Besides being low in calories, authentic honkaku shochu is also considered low sugar during the distillation process, making it a low-carb and keto-friendly alcohol. In addition to being diet friendly, honkaku shochu can also prevent blood sugar levels from rising and also reduce the risk of developing gout.

Additionally, authentic shochu can aid in the prevention of thrombosis. If a clot formed in a blood vessel grows large, it eventually causes serious diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke. In order to prevent clots from growing in size, the introduction of blood enzyme plasmin is important.

Besides all of the above benefits, what might be the most important takeaway for some readers out there is that authentic honkaku shochu also has an antioxidant effect that delays aging and can give you beautiful skin and boost the skin’s immunity. Surprisingly, shochu is sometimes used in lotions and face care creams, and it’s even possible to make some at home to use for bad breakouts!

How drinking shochu can heal your body

While you might think that drinking alcohol destroys your body, drinking shochu with moderation can actually help heal your body! Recent research shows that shochu not only helps prevent blood clots, but it also goes so far as to break up blood clots that have already formed. 

Like other alcohols, shochu can help relax you, warm your body and promote sleep when enjoyed in moderation. But considering the numerous other benefits that shochu brings, it’s definitely worth choosing shochu – especially authentic honkaku shochu – for your next boozy night out.