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Jan 21, 2023

HOW TOA Kit-Kat Connoisseur’s Guide to Japan’s Endless Variety of Flavors

Think you've tried every flavor of Kit-Kat out there? Think again, as we delve into the history and fame of the 300+ flavors of Kit-Kat available in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Jan 21, 2023

Japan’s dynamic market and short product life cycles

The Japanese market is well renowned for its dynamic, fast-paced nature. With so many products available in a wide range of forms, the competitive elements of Japanese markets encourage businesses to embrace bold, new products to keep consumers engaged. As a result, products tend to have rapid turnover rates and short-lived life cycles.

In the case of Japanese Kit-Kats, however, short product life cycles can be attributed to novelty. Selling certain items for a limited time takes the nonchalance out of purchases, as what was once a simple grocery checklist item is now a rare delicacy to stock up on while it lasts. These efforts to increase novelty amongst items have helped to create not only a sense of exclusivity for Kit-Kat products, but an increased demand for new flavors as well.

Kit-Kat Kravings: an overview of unique and mouth watering flavors

Today, Kit-Kat flavors such as matcha and cherry blossom can be found in many Asian-American grocery and snack stores. However, there are plenty of other exciting Kit-Kat flavors to explore, as the following only cover a small fraction of the many rich, diverse flavors you can expect to find in Japan!

Sake flavored Kit-Kats have a unique and distinct taste, and are a popular flavor during autumn. They’re usually sold in souvenir shops as a gift and are even made with real sake!

Wasabi flavored Kit-Kats are another special Japanese flavor known for their bold and spicy taste. While some may think the contrast of sweet chocolate and bitter wasabi could be a recipe for disaster, it actually has a devoted following in Japan and with Kit-Kat enthusiasts around the globe!

Shinshu Apple Kit-Kats are made with apples grown in Nagano prefecture, an area of Japan renowned for its superior apples. Shinshu Apple Kit-Kats have a sweet, crisp taste, making them a fan favorite year-round.

Tasting regions of Japan

Speaking of Shinshu Apple Kit-Kats, Nestlé – the company that produces Kit-Kats – has been able to successfully introduce so many new flavors to the Japanese Kit-Kat brand by collaborating with local Japanese businesses and organizations. This allows the company to create flavors tailored to specific regional tastes and preferences of Japanese consumers – skyrocketing their sales across various areas of the nation.

Another example of powerful regional marketing can be found in Kit-Kat Japan’s Ibaraki Strawberry flavor. Made with strawberries grown in Ibaraki prefecture – an area known for its high-quality strawberries – this Kit-Kat has a sweet and fruity taste. Released as a seasonal flavor, Ibaraki Strawberry further contributes to Japanese Kit-Kat’s sense of exclusivity and rarity.

So, not only are Japan’s regional KitKats incredibly delicious, but they also allow people to experience the unique flavors and ingredients of regions of Japan you might not have known about before!




The sweetest way to bring good luck

In Japan, Kit-Kats are referred to as “Kitto Katto,” which is coincidentally similar to the Japanese phrase “Kitto Katsu,” roughly translating to “you’re bound to win.” This lucky cognate has created an association between Kit-Kats and good fortune in Japan, encouraging consumers to spread some good luck charm!

Japan’s endless Kit-Kat flavors are a true testament to the country’s unique culture and culinary creativity. From the exclusivity of certain flavors, to the regionality of others, and all the good fortune in-between, Japanese Kit-Kats make for the ultimate candy lovers souvenir. Who needs boring old chocolate when you can opt for a Kit-Kat in more adventurous flavors like wasabi, grilled corn or even baked potato? So, next time you’re in Japan, make sure to stock up on as many Kit-Kat flavors as you can carry…your taste buds will thank you.