Apr 21, 2023

CULTUREThe Next Generation of Wagyu Production in Kagoshima Prefecture

High school students from Kagoshima Prefecture won best in their category at the Wagyu Olympics, and are supporting the future of Wagyu beef. The pedigree behind the world’s most-renowned beef relies on the next generation of dedicated production farmers.

Apr 21, 2023

High schoolers supporting Wagyu heritage

Wagyu beef, one of Japan’s most valuable exports, is renowned for its tenderness, flavor and quality. The pedigree behind this world-renowned beef is founded on generations of dedication. High school students in Kagoshima Prefecture are leading the way for the future of Wagyu beef, including their recent success in the Wagyu Olympics, where they won top prize for Wagyu cattle raised by high school students.

The students are part of a program where they raise wagyu cattle and learn about the industry, from breeding to managing the cattle and the process of producing high-quality beef. The program aims to not only teach the students about the industry but also to foster a new generation of farmers who will continue to raise the prized cattle in Kagoshima prefecture.

The students are confident in the fact that the quality of the beef produced in their region will continue to be unmatched, and they are eager to share their knowledge and experience with the world.

Kagoshima as Wagyu powerhouse

Wagyu breeders in Kagoshima Prefecture don’t take their homeland’s nearly perfect conditions for raising prized cattle for granted. The southernmost location on Japan’s island of Kyushu, Kagoshima is known as Wagyu paradise for its amenable climate, abundant water supply and fertile soil that Wagyu cattle depend on.

The students are taking advantage of these ideal conditions and learning about the traditional breeding and management techniques to create the perfect Wagyu beef. Through collaboration between the local government and the high schools, the students are given an opportunity to learn from experienced farmers and ranchers, who provide guidance and mentorship.

The Wagyu Olympics and beyond

The Wagyu Olympics is an event to promote and share the pedigree and quality of Wagyu beef from all of the Japanese prefectures where it originates. Wagyu beef is renowned for its flavor, tenderness and marbling. The winning entries from the region are carefully selected by a panel of experts and judged on a range of criteria, including the animal’s build, weight, fat content and muscle development. 

Kagoshima Prefecture is the future of Wagyu beef production. High school students’ success in the Wagyu Olympics and the region’s ideal conditions for raising the prized cattle, coupled with the farmers’ dedication and care, have resulted in unmatched high-quality beef. 

The students in Kagoshima are confident in their region’s ability to continue to produce the world’s most-renowned beef. The future of Wagyu beef is bright, and these students are eager to contribute to its success.